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We Don’t Claim to Replace Print
We Aim to Enhance It

Add Media

Add rich media to any page, just select the video from your hard drive and upload it to the app.

Send Messages

Send any message you like to your subscribers through custom push notifications

Manage Links

The MediaWire portal automatically activates any links that are created in your pdf file.

Text View

With our text view editor you will have the ability to reflow the text on any page

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Digital Magazine Software and Services

Not just a tablet solution but also available on all iPhones and Android smart phones, desktop web viewer coming soon.

MediaWire Client’s Apps

Some of Our
Client’s Apps


Miami Home &

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Florida Design Magazine

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Basketball Insiders Magazine

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Jet Magazine

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Save Our World

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Sudbury Sports

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Rodeo News

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Three Simple Steps
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Call or email us

we respond immediately

A customer service specialist is available anytime to help you

Send us your content

We do all the heavy lifting

An account will be setup for you where you can monitor and edit your publications, we build and submit your app to the ios Newsstand and Google play

Your own Digital Magazine!

Get paid and attract new users.

Don’t forget to use your social networks to attract new users, it’s also a good policy to make mention of your app in your print publication.

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Your Brand Goes Mobile

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Turn-key Solution

Get all the benefits of a custom native app but without the additional cost and over head. The MediaWire web portal enables publishers to deliver print content quickly and cost-effectively to users of most major mobile platforms. MediaWire provides a simple and powerful way to use your existing, successful business model to increase revenue — via growth in both readership and advertising ― by leveraging alternate mobile delivery channels for your existing content.

We Do Apps

Professional online publishing software. The explosion in mobile technology has far outpaced the growth of any other computing cycle thus far, driven by the availability of lost-cost devices and ever-increasing access speed. Publishers can uncover REVENUE opportunities by growing their existing content and, by extension, their brands, into these new mobile delivery channels.




Reach Mobile Customers Faster

Speed-to-mobile markets is crucial in order to outperform your competitors. MediaWire enables publishers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively transform and deliver PDF-based content to the largest platforms because it automatically adapts your content to most mobile operating platforms with no need for platform-specific formatting, MediaWire delivers a rich experience to its users text and article view interface.

Do the math

When you weight the costs and resources requirements of other legacy systems including adobe dps the conclusion is obvious, MediaWire  delivers the goods, custom themes, text e-reading mode, rich media, custom push notificatons and much more…

Publishers Features






Publish your own magazines, newspaper, or book conveniently online. MediaWire Solutions turns your unique image and branding into a marketable medium for your clients and customers. We give publishers a way to represent their brand and products, expand their media presence and generate dynamic information about visitors and customers with our Digital Publishing Software that generates native branded apps on ios and android for Phones and Tablets. By generating elegant, functional pages across the most popular user interfaces including iOS and Android, coming soon to Black Berry, Windows and Desktop OS, we give clients an optimized promotional platform and revenue stream. We optimize dynamic publishing across the two largest app stores (ios and android) for any resource with a simple, affordable, easy to use web based system. Begin sharing your marketable information, reinforce your brand, collect vital consumer information and extend your reach natively across the app world. Contact us today to publish your consumer magazine, B to B Magazine, Books or local and regional newspapers with MediaWire Mobile Digital Publishing.



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