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Digital Magazine Readers and Tablets Rise

According to Magazines Canada, in a typical 24-hour day Canadians spend an average of 9.9 hours connected to technology, slightly more than the global average. Canadian connectivity is slightly younger and less affluent but more broadly based.

More importantly for the topic of this article, *Tablets and smartphones are used most to access online content daily, more so than laptops or desktops. And, **The average time spent per day with mobile apps compared to time spent consuming the web is widening as more time is being spent with mobile apps: 94 minutes with apps vs. 72 minutes with the web in Dec 2011.

With these statistics in mind, it is not a stretch to think that as tablet hardware improves, digital content will improve, and vice versa.

Tablets and printed publications are naturally synergistic. Print publishers are discovering that adapting the tablet platform allows them to recreate a magazine experience in a format much better suited than the web to long-form reading.


Ereader penetration will continue to average out between platforms, making digital publishing options available to a wider and wider audience. ***iOS growth through to 2016 is anticipated although its share of market is projected to decline as Android (Google and other proprietary Android) outpaces iOS growth. The expected traction of Windows Metro will be a factor as well.

Another important statistic to consider is the frequency of mobile ad interaction by device. Clearly the tablet format, with the larger screen and page-like dimensions lends itself to interaction. ****A majority of tablet users (77%) interact with ads compared to 53% of smartphone users. 57% of tablet users interact with ads at least weekly compared to 33% of smartphone users. The smartphone is increasingly being used as an eReaders also, and as screens get larger and clearer their use will grow.

It is becoming more important to have digital offerings spanning multiple platforms. Clearly digital publishing is on the ascent, and and have the solutions you need to make a successful transition. Let us how you how.

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Newsweek Magazine Goes Digital Only

In the news today, was the announcement that Newsweek magazine will no longer be offered in print format as of the end of 2012. This may come as a shock to some, but us in the digital publishing world kind of expected it. More and more magazines and publications are moving their stuff to digital format and are quickly realizing the benefits of doing so.

This announcement has less to do about the limitations of print, but rather the possibilities of digital publishing. With all of the features currently available in digital publishing software and the explosive growth of mobile tablets and even readers, publishers are able to reach more people, cheaper, and in a more timely way.

The decision by Newsweek magazine is back by all of the statistical data that is available through digital publishing software. As the article suggests, the tipping point has been reached whereby it makes sense for them to publish in digital format only.


Print & Digital Magazine Publishing Unite

The data shows that print magazines and their digital counterparts work in tandem to strengthen each other.

75% of consumers feel that digital content complements print content* and that “digital extras” such as video, slide shows and audio content enhances the magazine reading experience.
85% of digital consumer magazine readers are satisfied/very satisfied with their digital experience** and the ongoing launch of digital brand extensions ensures continued relevance to readers, new and emerging audiences, continued industry competitiveness and 360? marketing surround.

Digital magazines make print magazines better, and they offer extra benefits to readers!

Availability - Digital issues keep on giving. Current and back issues can be accessed immediately online.

Search Engine Friendly - Readers looking for specific information can arrive at a digital magazine page just as easily as they can a website.

Dynamic - Digital magazines can be accessed and read on smartphones, tablets and eReaders, anywhere and anytime.

Timeliness - When time matters, digital magazines deliver time-sensitive information to readers quickly.

Magazines have always been about high engagement at a very personal level. Magazine readers, whether of consumer magazines or trade publications, are loyal to the brand.

Add extra content and interactive features that digital provides, and a good thing just got even better. Digital media are the perfect complement to the printed page. and offer a one-stop solution to get your printed publication into the digital realm. Ask us how.

*Source: Harrison Group/Zinio/ MEMS Technologies, 2010

 **(Source: Texterity/BPA Worldwide Certified Profile of the Digital Edition Reader, 2010. N = 9,443 digital consumer magazine readers)8