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Mobile Apps and Websites are not Mutually Exclusive

According to, “This year there are expected to be 1 billion active mobile app users worldwide spending 101 billion minutes a month on Android/iOS apps alone. And in the US, users will spend another 23 billion minutes a month on the mobile web.”

If even a tiny fraction of these users were to be engaged in commerce via a specific digital publication, the financial rewards for that enterprise would be lucrative, to say the least.

A growing portion of internet traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets. To be well-positioned to take advantage of consumers’ shift in purchasing habits and information gathering, it is necessary for publishers of all types to offer an intuitive, interactive digital publishing app to either compliment or entirely replace their print offering, and in addition to a company website.

Surveys have consistently shown that there is a mounting expectation among consumers that brands should offer an app-enabled experience in addition to the company website. This is not about choosing between a mobile site or an app, and more about prioritization. Websites still remain focal points for brands and their customers alike.

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Native Apps Are Becoming the Standard

New statistics just out from numerous sources are showing that most mobile users prefer using native apps over mobile sites for speed, convenience and ease of use. According to Compuware, 85% of smartphone and tablet users globally favored apps over mobile sites. A recent survey from Bite Interactive shows that native smartphone applications are more likely to result in loyalty and regular usage over HTML5. According to the Bite Interactive survey, 66 percent of iPhone owners and 63 percent of Android owners say it is important that the apps they download are native applications that can better make full use of all their smartphone’s capabilities.


What is really interesting is that 69 percent of Americans with a smartphone use only two to 10 apps on a regular basis—once a week or more frequently. What this tells us is that easy to use, highly functional apps are the only ones that have staying power. Millions are downloaded and abandoned. Developers need to create mobile applications that are powerful and highly usable.  Delivering real value and fulfilling the needs of users by solving the problems they have asked to be solved is imperative for success.

That Compuware finding demonstrates that consumers prefer native apps, despite long-standing predictions that they will be replaced by the mobile web. According to Flurry Analytics, people are spending nearly two hours a day with apps — almost twice the amount of time compared to two years ago.

The importance of developing a solid, functional app is illustrated by the fact that, according to Compuware, most people (79%) will try a problematic app only once or twice after it failed to work the first time. The vast majority of users also expect apps to launch as fast as or faster than the mobile version of a website. If not happy with the performance of an app, almost half (48%) would be less likely to use it again.

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New Technology and the Changes it Demands.

Magazines are not dead.More platforms mean more opportunities and better ways to connectpeople with what they care about.

There is no doubt that challenging times lie ahead for magazines. The recently published Audit Bureau of Circulations figures paint adisturbing picture, but these figures are only a partial reflection of what is really going on. The industry trade body, the Professional Publishers Association, released its first combined digital and print circulation chart alongside the traditional ABC figures, and a combined figure may be a truer reflection of how the industry is faring. Print will not survive alone.
Mobile devices have become almost mandatory. We take them everywhere and use them everywhere. A recent forecast by McKinsey & Company estimates that by 2014, 1.7 billion mobile devices will be accessing the Internet. The need for online content is unlimited. Widespread smartphone and tablet adoption is creating exponentially increasing opportunities for mobile apps. Apple’s iTunes App Store is currently the leader in providing the mobile experience, and it enables distribution to millions of users. In early 2013, Apple announced that users had downloaded 40 billion apps from its App Store, with almost half of that total logged in the last year.

Offering mobile apps makes sense for publishers, and they will soon be necessary for survival. Successful mobile apps for business must offer the expected, Apple-easy download experience, but there is much more involved in making apps successful and risk-free. Many companies are struggling to manage the proliferation of mobile apps and connect to business content.Advertisers are asking for more features, and the competition for their dollars is fierce. Publishers must ask specific questions when working with tool creators in order to offer a product with a competitive edge. New product features and an engaging reader experience are required in order to compete.

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Mobile Apps and Small Screens

Apple’s iPad arrived on the scene in early 2010, and publishers knew that the possibilities for digital magazines were endless. With its large screen size and growing popularity, the iPad quickly assumed a dominant position on the tech scene.

Smart phones did not seem to offer much in the way of opportunities for magazines, as its small screen size seemed ill-suited to replicate the traditional reading experience. However, despite the challenges of working with such small a small space, a trend has emerged of adapting full magazine editions for the smart phone. The reason for the trend may have to do with recent data on the exploding ad market for mobile products:

Smartphone owners in Canada skew age 18 to 49 with a predominance of 18 to 34 versus cell phone owners who skew 35-64 versus the general population. Smartphone owners tend to have higher household income. Source: PMB 2012 Spring (1-year data) Also, the incidence of magazine reading among smartphone owners closely mirrors that of the general population although the volume of reading is above average, 4.2 titles per month vs. 3.7, a 14% increase. Source: PMB 2012 Spring (1-year data)

Of much interest to publishers, smartphone users are most receptive to coupons, ads for something they are shopping for, ads for favorite brands and ads that are location relevant. With most of Facebook’s growth occurring on mobile and figures pointing to a huge surge for the format over the next few years (analyst Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates predicts 88 percent of local advertising will be served on mobile devices by 2016), the market is simply too important to ignore.

In fact, when it comes to consumer appeal, a smart phone’s small size is instrumental in turning it into a viable medium for digitized magazines. It’s something you have with you all the time. The easy convenience provides users with the opportunity to use it at a moment’s notice—or rather, more importantly, a moment’s downtime. All the places people used to pick up a print magazine: hospital waiting rooms, airport lounges, on the train home—with a smart phone, consumers can browse just as easily.
Knowing that mobile apps are a necessary part of a publisher’s offering, the question becomes how do you differentiate your mobile business app from everyone else’s in such a busy market? One of the best ways to gain leverage is with an app which captivates an audience and provides a satisfying experience.
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2012/2013 Magazine Media Factbook

The Association of Magazine Media has released its 2012/2013 Magazine Media Factbook and the data is interesting, to say the least! The following statistics are taken from that report.

Magazines work for many reasons, and they are universally popular. 92% of Americans read magazines, whether paper or electronic versions.  Advertisers can take heart in the fact that magazines score higher than TV or the internet in “ad receptivity” and other engagement measures, and among digital readers, 73% read or tap on advertisements appearing in electronic magazines.

These are the numbers that are calls to action for digital publishers and organizations that are considering going digital:

77%of men and 68% of women are open to digital reading.

71%of tablet owners are interested in reading magazines on their devices… 67% prefer to.

85%of men in the hard-to-reach 18-34 demo are interested in reading magazines on their tablets.

Source: GfK MRI, February 2012

70%want the ability to purchase products and services directly from electronic magazines.

2 hours is the median time spent reading digital magazines in a typical week.

73% read/tap on advertisements appearing in electronic magazines.

86% access the same electronic magazine issue two or more times.

Source: Affinity/MPA, GfK MRI, 2011

This data clearly shows that the transition to digital publishing, whether to replace paper or as an additional offering is necessary for publishers to remain visible and pertinent in their industry.

Digital apps are thriving, and it appears that there’s almost no overlap between digital subscriptions and print.

One last set of numbers that are astounding are:

25 million digital issues were delivered in the last year and 120,000 every day.

Readers spend 2.5+ hours per month consuming content

Source: Adobe Systems Inc., 2012

The data can’t be ignored, and the trend is all positive for digital publishing. and MediaWireMobile have everything you need to take your publication to that next level. Let us show you how. and will help you get there.