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All About Tablet Users – Knowing Your Customer

The Online Publishers Association in partnership with Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. published A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User Wave II in June of 2012 to gain insight into tablet user’s habits, including how they feel about digital advertising, what digital content they are willing to pay for, and how much money they spend using their tablets.

It’s well known that tablet usage is increasing exponentially and that mobile devices have become an integral part of people’s lives. The opportunities for increased revenue are great, and a few of the findings of this study are especially interesting for digital publishers, including:

- Tablet users have an appetite for paid content.

- After seeing tablet ads, tablet users are driven to actions.

- Tablet content purchasers and cross-platform tablet users are more positive about tablet ads and are more likely to purchase products from their tablets.


In 2012 more than 74 million people identified as tablet users, and the numbers for 2013 and beyond are even greater. In addition, tablet users are increasingly more satisfied with their user experience, which in turn leads to increased and more varied demands for apps. Advertisers should be made aware that tablet usage is becoming more evenly split among males and females, and the trend is towards older users with higher than average household incomes.

Another finding that is particularly interesting to digital publishers is that the number of people using tablets in 2013 is predicted to be over 117 million users.

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