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Best Practices for Making a Great Digital Magazine with MediaWire

The ultimate goal of a digital publication is to allow the reader to experience all of the potential inherent in the technology, while monetizing these features for the publisher. Aside from the obvious requirements of making the publication formatted for tablets, smartphones and other devices, it is imperative to offer readers a truly interactive experience. The longer a customer “sticks” to a digital page, the better the results for advertisers and publishers alike. Adding rich media to the publication enhances the reader experience and contributes to the interactive nature of digital publishing.

Of course, the most important factor in the success of any digital publication is distribution. Getting your print readers to read your digital editions can be simplified by following a few basic steps. MediaWire Mobile enables your readers to access your content via the major mobile platforms and delivery channels by using the MediaWire web portal. It allows publishers to deliver print content quickly and cost-effectively.

Sharing your marketable information, reinforcing your brand, collecting vital consumer information and extending your reach should also be factors when considering a digital publication and digital publishing platform. In addition to passively offering your readers a digital option, it is important to leverage the information that you have about your readers to give them loyalty benefits. Your email list consists of your most engaged, loyal fans, and they’re far more likely to buy your subscriptions and other products than random visitors. 

Send emails regularly to your subscribers, including both high quality editorial and promotional content. Even if your clients love digital magazines, if they can’t find yours they won’t read it. Find other places to tell your potential readers about your app: On your website, in your mailings of bills and renewal efforts to print customers, in your emails and on social media. Set your own prices and terms with our flexible subscription system, you can offer single copies, subscription plans and free subscriptions.

Today’s digital publishers must be willing to deliver content on every platform available to them. That means print, websites, emails, magazines – both print and digital – videos, books and events. Speed-to-mobile markets is crucial in order to outperform your competitors.

MediaWire delivers a rich experience to its users, and helps publishers grow their existing content and, by extension, their brands, into these new mobile delivery channels. Add rich media to any page, just select the video from your hard drive and upload it to the app. Send any message you like to your subscribers through custom push notifications to promote a new title or issue, offer discounts and promotions. The opportunities are endless.