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Building Digital Relationships

Whether publishing books, magazines, newspapers or professional or scientific content, today’s publishers are acutely aware of the dramatic shift in the way that readers now consume content.

The challenge remains – how to capitalize on that shift? How do publishers monetize content and increase revenue?

Statistics from many sources show that a majority of internet-using Americans will own a tablet in the near-term, and the majority of current users have purchased digital content (this is in addition to those who purchase digital content on PCs, Macs, TVs and game consoles).
For all publishing companies, the online/digital world presents tremendous opportunity, and the organizations that will be successful and dominate this space are those primed to adopt a new approach to digital commerce.

As publishers move in greater numbers to digital distribution, they will have to transition to more structured content creation and management in order to drive distribution to various consumer devices.

Many publishers do not yet realize that the transition to structured content also opens a whole new world of commerce opportunities: opportunities to cross-sell content, products, and services to readers, and to do so in a way that increases revenue over time by leveraging an increased understanding of customers’ consumption habits. The built-in analytics capabilities in the Turn-Page solution enable publishers to collect the data they need to make informed decisions about their customers and how to address their needs.

The new digital publishing landscape requires a future vision of back-end commerce technology.

It is possible for publishers to build all this new capability from scratch, but it is much more productive to start with a solution that delivers product information management, merchandising, personalization, etc. to enable the creation of relationships and user experiences that your customers seek, and – most importantly – the architecture and flexibility you need to innovate and differentiate. We can help. Ask us how.