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Content, Content, Content

It goes without saying that the success or failure of a magazine brand begins and ends with creating content that speaks to the specific interests and passions of its readers. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Building a team of writers that is well versed in the subject matter and a cause espoused by the magazine is imperative to the success of the publication, including drawing compatible advertisers and loyal readers. Publishers must find writers with a point of view. People who will write about what they really believe in, and who can communicate this to their readers.
The very thing that makes magazines media create solid customer loyalty is that good publications offer content that speaks to the specific interests and passions of its constituents. Readers expect and want each publication they read to speak in a specific voice and style relevant to their brand. Digital publications fill a recently created but permanent need by delivering relevant content via the relevant platform to that particular demographic. Print and digital are not mutually exclusive.


Publishers must use the power of their brand to entice their readers to interact via the numerous and various hardware out there, including smartphones, tablets, websites and print editions. The brand experience must be seamless through all formats, but the bottom line is that content is king. Give the people what they want and they will always come back for more.