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Digital Magazines are an Integral Lifestyle Choice

Magazine readers are very influenced by the format, whether in print or digital format. They seek out magazines learn about new products, get inspired to try new things and improve their lives in many ways. Magazine content, whether editorials, articles or advertisements, is trusted by readers to give accurate information that is informative and touching in a visceral level. People trust magazines to reflect their own personal lifestyles.

Exactly because magazines are a trusted source of information, magazine advertisements are highly relevant to customers and highly lucrative for advertisers.

Magazine ads consistently offer relevant advertising within a relevant context, generally associated with a specific editorial genre. Readers associate the information gleaned from magazines as relevant content and educational material. People talk with each other about what they have read and learned from magazines, and they tend to get ideas for other areas of their lives from the advertisements that they see, giving the ads more “stick”. In both print and digital formats, readers are lead to affiliated websites. Digital magazines are best at engaging readers in an immersive experience, and most readers follow embedded links in articles and ads.


Consumers often see print and digital magazine editions ahead of websites as the best resources to learn about new products or services. Print magazine readers look forward to receiving their magazines in the mail. According to Magazines Canada, a typical print issue is read the same day it is received by 43% of readers; 77% begin reading their magazine within the first three days; and 92% within that first week. 58% of digital magazine readers begin reading an issue the same day it is received.

People often read to the same pages multiple times as they scan through and read a magazine many times over the life of the issue and beyond. Consumers enjoy taking their time while reading magazines. It is estimated that magazine advertisements are seen more than once by the same person in the same issue.

Magazines Canada’s Consumer Magazine Factbook 2014 states that 62% of magazine readers take action after exposure to specific magazine ads. Whether it’s visiting a website, a store or a dealer or having gained a more favorable opinion about the advertiser, magazine readers respond to magazine ads and with action, whether it’s making a purchase or seeking out further information. A great aspect of magazines in general is that magazine content drives response. The content is seen as a trusted authority on their subject. More than 50% of magazine readers make a purchase based on an ad in their favorite print or digital magazine.