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Digital Magazines Offer Many Benefits to Readers, Businesses and Advertisers

The publishing industry is changing fast, and the opportunities for all aspects of the industry are vast. In addition to the amazing potential the new technology offers to publishers and advertisers, the real winners will ultimately be the end-users. Readers have a lot to look forward to in the near future, and the possibilities have not even begun. Among the many extra benefits that digital magazine media offer to readers compared to traditional print include:

  • Availability – Digital issues keep on giving. Readers have a virtual library of everything they might want to keep. Current and back issues may be accessed immediately online, or downloaded and stored on a personal device. Subscription services keep increasing benefits to subscribers and develop new ways to engage and keep readers.
  • Interactive Extras – Digital issues provide access to videos, interactive articles and advertising, quizzes and surveys to engage the reader, and extra pictures and deeper reporting for heightened impact.
  • Fast, reliable access – Readers looking for specific information can arrive at a digital magazine page just as easily as they may a web site. Digital magazines are dynamic. They can be accessed and read on smartphones, tablets and eReaders, whenever and wherever. They can be stored and shared. Digital magazines deliver time-sensitive information to readers quickly. There is no longer a delay between event and publication.

If all that isn’t enough, digital magazine media offers even more.


Magazine “brands” are rapidly extending via digital devices to surround their target audiences where ever they live, work and play. Print magazines still remain the consumer’s number one reading choice, but the trend is changing with the maturation of the digital publishing industry. Publishers are actively experimenting with digital content delivery that spans most every platform and device that consumers use. Right now magazine content is almost always available wherever there is connectivity, serving the mass and niche needs of readers. The reading experience is becoming more personal. Readers can feed their needs and passions at the click of a mouse, the press of a key or the tap of a finger.

Advertisers have more opportunity than ever to reach their customers. Trusted content, curated and reliable, is now available to readers whenever they want. The importance of brands to maintain reliable “on point” content and use trusted contributors is more important than ever before. Trusted, curated content never goes out of style. Magazines have always been about high engagement at a very personal level, and digital formats make it easier than ever to engage readers on so many levels. The extra content and interactive features that digital provides offers limitless opportunities to reach readers and consumers.

It is also important to remember that the various digital media are the perfect complement to the printed page. Many people have both a print and digital subscription at the same time, which gives publishers and advertisers multiple opportunities to reach each one. It is becoming apparent that readers take significant actions after noting ads in digital editions, equal to or greater than print magazine ads. They search, visit advertiser websites, have a more positive attitude towards brands and they buy, often right from the page. This is only going to get better, as the technology develops.