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Digital Magazines Offer Something Extra. Pass It On.

As digital publications and magazines in particular become more and more a part of mainstream media, it is easy to forget the added benefits and opportunities that they provide. When deciding to publish a digital version of a print magazine, publishers would do well to consider the value-added features available with the new medium, and integrate them into their brand. According to Magazines Canada Digital Factbook 2012, some of the great things that are possible with digital publishing are:

Availability - Digital issues keep on giving. Current and back issues may be accessed immediately online.

Interactive Extras - Digital issues provide access to videos, extra pictures and deeper reporting for heightened impact. Apps deliver added functionality.

Search Engine Friendly - Readers looking for specific information can arrive at a digital magazine page just as easily as they may a web site.

Dynamic - Digital magazines can be accessed and read on smartphones, tablets and eReaders, when and where you want.

Timeliness - When time matters, digital magazines deliver time-sensitive information to readers quickly.

360°Marketing Surround – Magazine content is available wherever there is connectivity, serving the mass and niche needs of readers. Consumers can feed their needs and passions at the click of a mouse, the press of a key or the tap of a finger.

Trusted Content – Trusted, curated content never goes out of style. Now it’s easier than ever to access information that you know is consistently reliable.

Engagement – Magazines have always been about high engagement at a very personal level. Add extra content and interactive features that digital provides, and a good thing just got even better. Digital media are the perfect complement to the printed page.

Magazine “brands” are rapidly extending to surround their target audiences where ever they live, work and play and smartphones are becoming integral to the complete digital experience. Although printed magazines remain the consumer’s number one reading choice, publishers are actively experimenting with digital content delivery that spans most every platform and device that consumers use.

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