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Digital Publishing and Smartphones

According to a study by Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri, 2012, Mobile device users are generally higher educated and higher income earners than those who do not use the technology. The study also states that android-powered devices, including smartphones and tablets, are less affluent than those who use Apple and BlackBerry devices.

As the Android platform develops and expands its offering, it is becoming apparent that the gap will narrow, and has begun to do so.

As of 2012, data from various sources shows that tablet users tend to engage more often in advertising on their devices and take greater action after seeing those ads than smartphone users, but this too is changing with the advance in design and options of smartphones.

Smartphone owners read magazines at about the same rate as the general population, but according to the ABI Research Survey, June 2012, they are most receptive to coupons, ads for something they are shopping for, ads for favorite brands and ads that are location relevant, when viewing these ads on a smartphone.

A very interesting finding for digital publishers who are preparing to launch their product comes from the Magazine Media Readers and Smartphones Key Research Findings published by the MPA: Most magazine readers 18-34 who own a smartphone access or download magazine branded apps using digital newsstands and/or newsreaders.

The smartphone is evolving into the premier method of delivering magazine media content to readers. Check this space next time for more in-depth information about this developing opportunity, and ask us about our mobile publishing solutions.