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Going Digital Helps the Community

The world is changing, as fast as some shooting star, and many people are feeling left behind in the dust. No better do we see this than in the digital sphere where jobs and things are digitizing at a rapid rate – books and magazines, for one thing. Libraries are making that same transition and, in the process, demonstrating that when you evolve with technology, the possibilities are truly endless.

Have you heard of BiblioTech? It’s a new library in Texas, library being a very loose term here. It is reportedly the first “bookless library” in the country, its catalog having up to 10,000 e-books. More importantly, however, is its service to the community, as it provides the Internet and a wealth of easily accessible knowledge to a one of San Antonio’s low-income neighborhoods.

In the article, “The first bookless library: BiblioTech offers only e-books,” Julianne Pepitone of writes, “BiblioTech opened its doors Sept. 14 on the south side of San Antonio, a mostly Hispanic neighborhood where 40% of households don’t have a computer and half lack broadband Internet service.”

The 4,800-square-foot BiblioTech is sure to be a community center, a hub where families can gather with their kids to read books and engage in other fun activities. Students can come and utilize the Cloud Library service to work on papers and do research. With the plush chairs and inviting atmosphere, BiblioTech oozes a sense of comfort that is infectious. In some ways, it’s like a digitized rec room.

If you have the need to digitally publish magazines, newspapers, flyers, catalogues, books or promotional booklets, there’s no better time than now. BiblioTech will be the first of many, so you should be prepared. With MediaWire™ at your side, you’ll never be left behind in the dust.