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Interactive, Innovative, Immersive

When one goes digital, it doesn’t simply mean that an industry or person is embracing a new form of technology, it is a conscious life choice that suggests a willingness to innovate and self-improve. One such product is the e-reader, which puts the wonderful world of literature in the hands of the reader. The reader is in control – not the book, not the publisher. Every day, it seems as if the reader is gaining more and more power.

The e-reader has gone through much change since the Kindle burst onto the scene a few years ago with much excitement. In particular, readers and consumers were fascinated by the possibility of e-ink, a type of electronic paper used in e-readers primarily. E-ink offers the promise of interactive text. Imagine placing your finger on a particular word and having that take you to a particular image or something else that enhances the reading experience. While this has been explored slightly, the process of inky interaction is still improving. Let’s look at Inkling.

Inkling is a digital publishing company that has come up with software – Inkling Habitat – that can create gorgeous interactive editions of numerous reference titles. The company, in other words, is redefining what it means to be an e-book. When you have an Inkling Habitat product in your hands, you are not simply looking at a book, but a living, breathing creature.

In the article, “Inkling’s E-Books Put the Consumer in Charge,” Taylor Casti of writes, “With Habitat, teams collaboratively create content for any Apple device. Editors convert text and images from the original printed version of the book into digestible chunks of information, which designers and developers then format into beautiful “cards.””

The software allows developers to build a reference book in a very collaborative and organic fashion that is not only interactive, but also immersive. Once something is created, content and indexes can be searched on Google and other search engines. It is a reference book that jumps from platform to platform – almost like a real-life educational choose your own adventure book.

Inkling Habitat has taken reference books to a completely new level and the big publishers like Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Elsevier are taking note. Imagine what can be done to you and your company’s magazines, newspapers, flyers, catalogues, books and promotional booklets? MediaWire™ can make that happen!