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It’s All About Cross-Platform Publishing

The signs are everywhere. We are an increasingly mobile society, in every way. The majority (or what feels like it) of our leisure time  is spent connected to one device or another, and more and more of the content we consume online is now via mobile, and many hours of our day, indeed most of the hours outside of normal work hours, see more mobile use than desktop use.

The opportunities for digital magazine publishing are diverse. There are native apps and countless digital readers, tablets, and various iterations of small screens and big screens. Smartphone, tablet and desktop usage tends to vary by age range although more and more people are using multiple devices, depending on what they are doing.

Publishing digital magazines across platforms isn’t as simple as taking content from one medium and placing it on another. Audiences use different devices and platforms in different ways and the reality is that a mobile strategy is a must-have for all businesses of all sizes, and the publishing industry is no exception.

As a digital publishing solution, MediaWire is the most cost-efficient mobile digital publishing solution available today. It not only reduces the in-house time, effort and cost involved in publishing to mobile platforms, but it offers companies the most affordable financial terms available.

Even though cross-platform mobile apps are an opportunity for publishers to reach a larger audience, it is fair to say that the majority of magazine publishers have been slow to optimize their products for cross-platform viewing. Until recently it was a huge and expensive undertaking, and the ROI was an unknown. Even today, the majority of publishers are simply publishing scaled-down versions of their websites, as opposed to publishing a digital magazine that offers appropriately-designed content such as readability and interactive advertising.

The explosion in mobile technology has far outpaced the growth of any other computing cycle thus far, driven by the availability of lost-cost devices and ever-increasing access speed. With the MediaWire digital publishing solution, magazine publishers can take advantage of huge revenue opportunities by growing their existing content and, by extension, their brands, into these new mobile delivery channels.

The MediaWire web portal delivers print content quickly and cost-effectively to users of most major mobile platforms. Our solution is powerful digital publishing software that uses a client’s existing, successful business model to increase revenue by growing readership and advertising by leveraging alternate mobile delivery channels for your existing content.

Speed-to-mobile market is crucial in order to outperform the competition. MediaWire enables publishers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively transform and deliver PDF-based content to most mobile applications. Because it automatically adapts your content with no need for platform-specific formatting, MediaWire publishes content in about an hour, instead the week that is required with other solutions. With the most fully featured and attractive reader interface on the market, MediaWire is the mobile digital magazine reading app that new and existing subscribers will demand.