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It’s All About the Apps

According to Flurry analytics, now part of Yahoo, mobile apps are becoming more and more important to publishers and advertisers alike. According to their research, in the second quarter of 2015 U.S. consumers spent 35 percent more time on their mobile devices than the same time period last year, now up to more than three-and-a-half hours per day. Interesting to note is that less of that increased time was spent using mobile browsers. In fact, according to Flurry, 90% of time spent on any mobile device was spent in apps. This trend provides huge opportunities for developers.

This infographic released by Go-Globe on mobile app usage statistics and trends shows clearly that mobile app use is exploding and the opportunity to generate revenue from them is growing quickly.

Mobile app usage

Infographic by- GO Globe Hong Kong

Some of the most interesting findings are:
Mobile Apps Now account for more than Half (52%) of All Time Spent on Digital Media
Smartphone users spent 89% of their mobile media time using mobile apps.
42% of all mobile sales generated by the leading 500 merchants came from mobile apps
The percentage of mobile apps used only once shrunk to 20%, improving from 22% from last year
The percentage of apps used 11 or more times increased to 39% in 2014


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