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Magazine Ads. They Work!

Advertisements published in magazines are very successful for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Readers respond to magazine ads – anywhere in the book

It is well known that placement is somewhat responsible for the success of an ad. Advertisement   effectiveness by position in a magazine is almost evenly split by quarters, with the first quarter of the publications ad being noted 57% of the time, while the other three thirds being noted approximately 51-52% of the time, according to GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research, January – December 2011. 61% of readers took any action.

  • Magazine readers are social networkers and super influencers.
  • Magazines drive consumers online

Among many media including television, newspapers, radio and direct mail, magazine ads trigger online searches 36% of the time for adults 18+.

  • Magazine readers are early adopters and users of new media and the latest hardware.
  • Adoption of magazine codes is on the rise, driving digital connections for readers. Action codes offer a compelling way to activate print with mobile and social content that engages readers, builds brand loyalty, and captures new business.
  • Action codes motivate consumers to interact with brands

All but one of the top 100 U.S. magazines contained at least one action code in Q1 2012. They include

2D barcodes, QR codes, and Microsoft Tags.

  • Heavy magazine readers are also heavy mobile users
  • Magazine readers spend more time and money online
  • Magazines influence purchase decisions

Magazine advertising increases sales. Households exposed to the magazine campaign (test) spent significantly more(+3% to +36%) than those not exposed (control). Source: Meredith Corporation/The Nielsen Company, 2011.

  • Magazines generate purchase intent  and magazine ads increase sales across multiple categories

In our continuing exploration of the ways and reasons that magazines are more relevant than ever, we take advantage of the fantastic resource that is the MPA, The Association of Magazine Media. MPA  publishes a yearly Magazine Media Factbook, and the latest edition, 2012/2013 is full of interesting facts and statistics. All of the numbers quoted in this blog article are from this report. You can find more information and updates at

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