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Magazine Readers 18–34 Are Highly Connected Social Media Users

According to key research findings in a recent study done by MPA titled Magazine Media Readers Are Social:

The 18–34 year old segment clearly represents highly connected users of social media. They heavily use social media to enhance their media experience and particularly place an importance on sharing magazine content.
Some interesting findings of the study are:

Social media is enhancing the magazine reading among 18–34 year olds

• 56% of total Twitter users and 65% of avid readers ‘follow’ a magazine editor or columnist on Twitter.
• 51% of respondents have re-tweeted to a magazine editor’s Twitter and 42% chat with friends on

Facebook while reading a magazine and share what they’re reading.
Magazine readers 18–34 are highly connected social media users

• Most respondents are using Facebook (91%), YouTube (61%) and Twitter (40%) as social media.
> Men are more likely to use YouTube, Twitter and Google+ than women.
> Users of YouTube and Twitter skew younger.
> Pinterest has more than twice the number of female users (31%) as male users (12%).
> Among Twitter users, 22% have multiple accounts.
> Nearly 30% of Tumblr users have more than one account.

• The majority of respondents (80%) personally own a digital device.
> 69% own a smartphone.
> 41% own a tablet.
> 27% own an e-Reader.

• Smartphone ownership is now mainstream. 72% of men 18-34 and more than 67% of women own a smartphone.

The data is very interesting for digital publishers when looking at the response to the following questions posed in the survey: “Thinking about magazines and social media… Have you ever done the following:

“Visited any magazine’s Facebook page”
total respondents = 49%
avid magazine readers = 63%
digital magazine readers = 69%

“Liked a magazine’s Facebook page?”
total respondents = 41%
avid magazine readers = 54%
digital magazine readers = 57%

Base: Total respondents (1,019); multiple responses

The data shows that digital magazine readers are the most engaged in the publications that they read and they take the additional steps to seek out the brand via social media. They cite relevant content as the chief reason for visiting a magazine’s Facebook page, which makes it imperative for publishers to offer a complete reading experience. We can help you do it.