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Monetizing Your Digital Publication

The appetite for apps is very strong and increasing as the number of tablet users increases. According to the Online Publishers Association’s 2012 study, A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User Wave II, (the statistics quoted in this piece are from that study) users downloaded an average of 22 apps in 2012, and paid apps accounted for 23% of all tablet apps downloaded in the 12 months covered by the survey.

The tablet app market in the United States in 2011 was $1.4B, in 2012 $2.6B, and we are anxious to see what the numbers look like for 2013. Based on these numbers alone it is obvious that digital publishers must develop a strategy to monetize their publications to create new and on-going revenue streams.

Due to the initial advantage of being the first out with their tablet and the comprehensive nature of their app store, Apple still dominates slightly in terms of money spent on tablet apps, but Android is catching up and is expected to overtake Apple’s numbers in the near future.


A very promising statistic revealed by the OPA’s study is that 61% of tablet users have purchased any type of digital content on their tablet. As users become more comfortable with digital transactions and as they app offerings increase, this number will increase as well.

The top paid content areas in 2012 were entertainment, sports, and weather. Two of those categories are obviously perfectly suited to the digital magazine format! Tablet users increasingly prefer free apps with ads versus paid apps. and just might be the solutions that your business needs to get established in this new and lucrative market.