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More Good News About Magazines

In our continuing exploration of the ways and reasons that magazines are more relevant than ever, these times of upheaval in the publishing industry and the evolving world of digital publishing, it is important to remember that the fundamentals of the magazine format are sound, and revenue generating opportunities abound.

Magazines work because…

Magazines are motivating. More than 60% of print magazine readers took action as a result of a magazine ad. Digital magazines also drive response, with 91% taking action after reading a digital issue. Studies show that 43% of magazine readers make online purchases vs. 21% of non-readers.

Magazines continue to score higher than TV or the internet in “ad receptivity” and other engagement measures. Readers spend an impressive 41 minutes with each issue. Among digital readers, 73% read or tap on advertisements appearing in electronic magazines.

Consumers trust and believe magazines — and embrace advertising as a part of the brand experience. In fact, studies show that ads in magazines rank higher in trust than ads on TV, radio or online. 96% of adults under 25 read magazines — and those under 35 read more issues per month than adults 35+. Studies also show that the top 25 magazines reach more adults and teens than primetime television.

Magazine readers are more likely than users of other media to influence friends and family on product purchases across a variety of advertising categories. Magazine readers rank as #1 or #2 super influential consumers across 60 product categories and make an impact in every shopping segment.

Readers have a positive attitude toward advertising in magazines and believe the ads provide useful information. This holds true among digital readers — and they further like to explore interactive ad tools and features.

Magazines and social media go hand-in-hand. 69% of readers have posted a magazine article on Facebook, and more than 6 in 10 have shared magazine content while chatting with friends on Facebook.

For those who are considering adding digital publishing to their offering, it is interesting to note that magazine apps are among the top grossing apps in key categories in the iPad App Store. Magazine readers are heavy smartphone users. And, magazines also rank #1 in driving consumers online among adults 18+.

MPA The Association of Magazine Media publishes a yearly Magazine Media Factbook, and the latest edition, 2012/2013 has lots more interesting facts and statistics. All of the numbers quoted in this blog article are from this report. You can find more information and updates at