Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How long does it take for my app to be live in the app stores?

A – For ios apps (Apple) there is a manual review and approval process, this usually takes a few days to over a week in some cases. For Google play it’s almost immediate as there is no manual review process.

Q – Do I have to setup my own accounts with Apple and Google or do you handle that for us?

A- It’s not necessary, we have our own developer account, and we can publish your apps through our account.

Q – Can I publish my catalogs or newsletters with an app that I develop with MediaWire, or is this solution just for Magazines Books and Newspapers?

A – This may be a challenge for ios apps as Apple has some strict guide lines as to what they deem appworthy, Google on the other hand is more lenient and we can publish other types of publications as long as there is no pornography, racism or any other type of content that may be offensive to others.

Q – What do we need to provide to MediaWire as far as content or images for the app?

A – All we need is a description of your title and issues, your logo and color preferences, and your file that’s it.

Q – Does the app automatically activate all the links in my file prior to upload or do we need to re-create them after upload?

A – Our system will pick up and activate all url’s and email addresses as long as they are created in the PDF prior to upload, links in images will not be activated automatically, however we have a manual tool to create links within images.

Q – What file formats are supported for rich media?

A – We support mp4 format.

Q – Will my app appear in apples newsstand or is there a different process in order to have a newsstand app.

A – We can publish your app as a newsstand app or a standalone app, it’s your choice.

Q – We have a digital replica edition of our publication, why would we need an app?

A – There are a few reasons, for one, there is a great deal of traffic accessing the various app stores every day, this gives your publications more exposure, more subscribers and new readers. The user experience is very clean in a native app, the page clarity, flow and the fact that you don’t have to be online to view them are strong arguments for having an app.
Payment FAQ’s

Q – I have a paid publication, how much does Apple and Google take from my subscription or single purchase revenue?

A – Apple takes 30% and Google takes 10% off the top.

Q – What form of payment do you accept?

A – 95% of our clients pay via credit card for monthly recurring payments, however we do accept checks, wire transfers and PayPal for larger purchases.