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Magazine Publishers Must Understand the Trends and Position Themselves Accordingly


Although consumers have bought fewer and fewer print magazines in the last few years, and news magazines have been the hardest hit, there is data emerging that shows the demand for magazines on tablets and smartphones bodes well for the industry in general.
The broader consumer magazine industry had another difficult year in 2012, though not quite as tough as the news magazines. Overall magazine circulation (including single-copy sales and subscriptions) stabilized, though print ads fell for the sixth year in a row, according to Pew Research Center’s analysis of data from the Alliance for Audited Media.
According to “Trend Data-Device Ownership” By the Pew Research Center December 2012, 31% of Americans adults owning a tablet and 45% owning a smartphone, magazine publishers focused even more in 2012 on mobile, where they are also counting on tablet apps to help convert nonpaying website readers into paying digital subscribers.
For now at least, magazine reading is a relatively small part of how people use these devices. Some 11% of smartphone owners read magazines on their phone weekly, as do 22% of tablet owners, according to Pew Research Center data from the fall of 2012.
Digital publications will need to provide the revenue that has been lost by the decline in print media, and publishers will have to make increased efforts to revive the industry by improving and broadening their digital offerings. Let us examine the data with you and develop your successful digital publishing program.