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Technorati Post – Taking the Middleman out of Mobile Publishing

MediaWire revealed to TechCrunch, a series of new tools for publishers to take their publications directly to readers instead of using third-party tools. MediaWire Mobile allows print publishers to publish digital editions to both Apple and Android OS’s using a single file, a PDF for example, and also comes with social login features, mobile analytics and reader registration data insights.

What this does is allow publishers to get one step closer to their readers instead of having to rely on middlemen, or third-party newsstands, who typically charge fees and make consuming content more expensive for both publishers and readers. The cross-platform solution supports iOS and Android devices with Windows and Blackberry options in development. MediaWire Mobile allows publishers to create digital editions of their publications and also list those editions directly on Google Play or the Apple Store.

“MediaWire Mobile is a seamless method for bringing print magazine titles to today’s mobile device user. In one fast and affordable solution, publishers can maintain and develop their brand, their unique look, and their readership,” said Clifford Hoffer, CEO of MediaWire. “We believe our customers, rather than their service provider, should develop and cultivate a relationship with their subscriber base — which is why we not only provide access to all available statistical information, but also pass the lion’s share of the subscription revenue on to the publisher.”For users who register using their Facebook accounts, and a recent study done by Blue Research and Janrain shows that 77% prefer social login (like Facebook’s), an additional level of insights will be provided. Things like geography, reader habits, interests, demographics and more.
MediaWire claims to be affordable for any publisher, and comes in three editions to meet the needs of weekly, monthly or quarterly publishing schedules, and daily and custom options for publishing are also available at their website