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Sharing Magazine Content is Important to Young Digital Readers

We are continuing our examination of the key research findings in a recent study done by MPA titled Magazine Media Readers Are Social. All statistics in this article come from that study.

26% of respondents have followed a magazine on Twitter or ‘liked’ a magazine on Facebook after accessing that magazine’s content via a newsreader and men more readily ‘followed’ a magazine on Twitter or ‘liked’ a magazine on Facebook after accessing magazine content via a newsreader.

A very interesting finding for digital publishers is that 37% of total respondents and 47% of avid magazine readers have gone to a magazine’s website for more information after following a magazine on Facebook, Twitter or other social applications like a newsreader.

When asked whether they were more interested in following the magazine brand itself, or the magazine’s editors, writers or columnists, respondents overwhelmingly cited the magazine brand itself (51%) over both equally (39%) and editors at 10%. Women favored the magazine brand to the highest degree (56%) over men at 44%.

Opportunities to sample new products and offer insights (50%) and special offers from advertisers available only to subscribers (44%) were cited most as most desired exclusive offers for magazine subscribers on Facebook or Twitter.  Interest was highest among women (58% and 48%) and avid readers (52% and 43%).

These findings make it clear that digital publishers must offer multiple social media outlets for their publications, and that having a presence on Facebook and Twitter, at a minimum, are required to satisfy the demand for connectivity from young digital readers.

48% of avid magazine readers and 37% of total respondents claim that it is important to them that a magazine has a Facebook page.  (More important to men than women, slightly more for younger vs. older respondents) For 34% of avid magazine readers and 26% of total respondents, it is deemed important for a magazine to have a Twitter account.

The importance of being able to share digital magazine content with friends is highest among avid magazine readers at 54% and 51% of total respondents and 66% of avid magazine readers re-tweet articles from a magazine’s Twitter feed.

Facebook, among all social media platforms, was named the best product for use in engaging with a magazine brand by a wide margin.

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