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The Best Things About Digital Magazines

It’s amazing to look back a few years, when digital magazines were still in their infancy, and they weren’t yet a proven concept. Today, it’s a given that almost all print publishers will offer a digital version of their product, sooner rather than later.

Publishers have been experimenting with various formats and features when creating their digital magazines in an effort to create the best possible digital products for their audiences. Quite like everything else in the new digital realm, digital magazine publishing software is evolving fast.

What’s certain is that the availability of user data and statistics is of the utmost importance for digital publishers. In this age of micro-specific niche publications and of special interest social media groups, it is imperative that publishers know their readership like never before. Anyone publishing a digital magazine, or planning to publish one must keep up with app user statistics, which will provide the feedback and proof of the success or failure of a particular publication.


It has been but a scant few years since the broad acceptance of the tablet computer, and competition for tablet advertising dollars – to replace declining print dollars – is fierce. Even so, smartphones have far and away overtaken tablets as the preferred medium to access mobile content, and digital magazine publishers must take that into consideration when creating mobile apps and digital editions. The screen size constraints of smartphones are just one of the things worth considering when including features, creating or building a digital magazine.


Some points to consider when creating a dynamic digital magazine are

- What would reading on a tablet or a smartphone be without beautiful illustrations and photographs? Boring.

- Proper fonts use is essential. A well-chosen font makes reading easier and also presents the publication as professional and well executed. The correct font truly defines your brand or product.

- Your digital magazine shouldn’t look like a “digital reprint” of a paper product. A polished digital magazine is an optimal mix of exclusive content and a great interactive user experience.

- File size optimization is imperative to make sure that your publication can be read in a convenient way on multiple devices. This one is just common sense. The magazine has to be legible, no matter which device will be used to read it.

- Advertising that has a connection to your brand and readers will get much more positive results, and will even be considered a value-added benefit. This is a win for publisher, advertiser and reader!

- It has been suggested that the attention span of digital magazine readers is somewhat shorter than that of those who read paper editions. While this could or could not be true, the thought of reading a 200+ page document on a tablet or smartphone could be a daunting task. Digital magazine content has to be curated with this in mind.

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