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The MediaWire Solution

Publishers competing in the new digital landscape must recognize the need to expand the options available to their subscriber base.  New product features and an engaging reader experience are required in order to compete. Investing now in digital publishing will enable publishers to maintain their readership levels and advertising base.

Advertisers are asking for more features, and the competition for their dollars is fierce.  Publishers must ask specific questions when working with tool creators in order to offer a product with a competitive edge.


MediaWire focuses on supporting publishers in delivering digital content while continuing to maintain existing print revenues. We have created a system that produces better deliverability, ease of use for the publisher and reader, and additional advertiser revenue.

Print readership is in decline across the industry.  Publishers are barely maintaining revenue by trying to incorporate new digital technologies into the mix for their advertisers.  Advertisers are looking for more information, more options and more value-added features to reach their target audience. There is a great need for a complete digital solution. MediaWire is that solution.