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The relationship between education and technology

It is becoming apparent that mobile device users are generally more highly educated and earn higher incomes than those who do not use the latest mobile technology.

In the past few years, data from various sources indicate that mobile users, including tablet users, tend to engage more often in advertising on their devices and take greater action after seeing those ads than those who read print publications. Social media sharing is an important aspect in engaging mobile users.

Smartphone owners tend to be the most receptive to coupons, ads for something they are shopping for, ads for favorite brands and ads that are location relevant, when viewing these ads on a smartphone or other mobile device.

A finding published by the MPA a while ago is interesting in that among other things, they found that most magazine readers 18-34 years old who own a smartphone access or download magazine branded apps using digital newsstands and/or newsreaders. Again, social media sharing is a growing influencer for mobile users.

The smartphone and other mobile devices are integral to social media sharing and the organic development of consumer purchasing trends. Magazine readers are social. This is true of traditional print readers and even more so of new technology adapters such as mobile users. Social media use is rapidly transforming how magazine readers interact with and share magazine content.


The early adapters of anything new and different are typically progressive and they love media and for the most part believe that technology has improved their overall experience of accessing media. Avid magazine readers and mobile users are connecting directly with magazines, editors and their peers via social media sharing.

Sharing magazine content is especially important to young mobile digital readers. Avid magazine readers and multiple platform social users are in the vanguard for sharing content with friends and they do it to a high degree using social platforms. Many adolescents chat with friends on social media while at the same time reading a magazine and share what they are reading. A substantial majority also re-share articles through various apps.

The connection between reading magazines and using social media and mobile technology is very important for both digital publishers and advertisers. The ability to build a loyal audience that will organically advertise your brand through social media sharing makes advertising dollars literally go farther than ever before possible. It is clear that digital publishers must offer multiple social media outlets for their publications, and that mobile users and apps must connect in many ways in order to satisfy the demand for connectivity from all readers and young digital readers in particular.

Social media sharing among mobile technology adapters and even among occasional mobile users is now an established norm for doing business in the digital publishing industry, and the opportunities are endless for all parties involved.