Accessible digital document solutions

  • Make pdf remediation a thing of the past
  • Deliver a superior cross device user experience with HTML
  • Manage all your digital assets in one location

Inclusive Docs' accessible digital publishing platform offers so many dynamic features, including the ability to make any publication accessible to almost anyone. Using Inclusive Docs' digital publishing platform's accessibility features allows you the ability to reach your entire audience and at the same time become WCAG 2.1 compliant.

With Inclusive Docs you can combine accessibility with text-to-speech technology to give your content the power to speak. By using our digital publishing platform you can ensure that the blind, visually impaired, seniors, younger generations and many more people have access to your content than otherwise might have.

Inclusive Docs' accessible digital platform is beneficial to everyone. It enables educators to provide fully accessible textbooks to their students. They can offer everyone digital editions that are easier to read and listen to. Businesses in all sectors can strengthen their corporate social responsibility by ensuring that their information is available to all in both written and text-to-speech formats.

Publishers, educators and corporations can be sure that their publications are compliant with current accessibility standards by using Inclusive Docs' digital publishing solutions. Compliance lowers the risk of legal complaints.

In addition to being an accessible digital publishing platform, Inclusive Docs is one integrated platform – compatible with JAWS and other popular plug-ins. No programming skills are required to use it so resource and technology barriers are eliminated. Complete authoring tools allow you to manage your workflows quickly and easily.

The easy to use, feature-rich accessible digital publishing platform by Inclusive Docs is really so much more. With it users can create experiences that transform the way people read online. Inclusive Docs' article viewer makes reading online a more enjoyable and natural experience. Text flows down similar to an e-reader, so that panning, pinching and zooming in and out are things of the past.

Inclusive Docs offers a truly integrated, accessible digital publishing solution.

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Inclusive Docs for Document Accessibility!

Reach untapped markets and GROW your audience.

Add the blind,visually impaired,seniors, younger generations and more as subscribers.

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Provide fully accessible textbooks.

Offer all students digital editions that are easier to read AND listen to!


Enhance your brand
and increase corporate social responsibility

Make accessibility part of your corporate culture


Easy-to-read article viewer, all on one
easy-to-use platform

ONE integrated platform – compatible with JAWS and other popular plug-ins. No programming skills required


Upload and display ePubs effortlessly and affordably

Deliver your ePubs across all platforms

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