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Digital Publishing Software: Features vs Function

The challenge for publishers and app developers in the digital publishing industry is to create a great user experience on an ever-shrinking screen. Even though tablets are getting smaller and smart phones are getting larger, the luxury of working with a 10” x 12” page is a thing of the past.

Shrinking existing print pages to fit the screen is not a satisfactory solution. Readers want their magazines to be a convenient, enjoyable experience. Pinching and zooming is far too much work. What is needed to give your customers a positive digital experience is interactivity and value-added features. Static text is unacceptable. The capability exists to add slide shows, GIFs, audio segments, etc. and the possibilities are endless. For example, with the use of headphones the reader can physically interact with a publication when reading about a new exercise program or position. They can listen to instructions and act them out. They can even use the smartphone to listen to music while doing the exercises. Talk about a complete experience! In terms of extending the experience of a story, the sky is the limit. Each magazine can offer interactive features that suit their audience’s needs and takes advantage of the opportunities allowed by smartphones.


A big issue, (no pun intended) is space. Each magazine’s app uses memory. Then, individual issues can run as large as 500MB when they are ad or feature dense. They take forever to download too. These apps have to trim the fat, and it shouldn’t be at the expense of video or good images, which leaves design. Layout and format must be created differently, intended for the small screen.

There are many things to consider when creating a digital publication, whether from scratch of adapting a print version. Turn-page.com can assist you with everything that you need to create a successful digital publication.